You Won, Evansville!

e is for everyone wins at the Celebration of Leadership awards

They may have called e is for everyone’s name at the Celebration of Leadership awards, but make no mistake—this initiative is all about YOU.

e is for everyone is about our whole community connecting to better understand one another. It’s about each of us rolling up our sleeves and contributing to our corner of the world; and, it’s about celebrating together when something wonderful happens.

Is our community perfect? Nope. But, together—and we mean all of us working together—we can make Southwest Indiana a destination where everyone wants to work, play, and visit.

We know there will be a lot more celebrating in the future, because we believe in the impact YOU can make!


We are excited to announce that 19 nonprofits participated in the #COL2018 “e” sticker photo contest! And the winners are:

Vanderburgh Humane Society
Children’s Center for Dance Education

Both organizations will receive $500, gifted by an anonymous donor. Thank you to all who participated!