A message from President & CEO, Tara Barney

We’ve got a bright future – together

Tara Barney
President & CEO
Southwest Indiana Chamber

It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to a close. Students are returning to school, fall activities are being scheduled, and much of the region’s business community is back in operation. All with a new look, new protocols, new technologies, new normal in more ways than we can count.
Here at the Chamber, we are delivering the services and programs that our community counts on to restart our local economy, get people back to work, ensure that the business and civic community has access to best-practices and the guidance you need to operate in a socially-distanced, often virtual manner. Our programs, meetings and services all have a remote option, and we are finding that our community prefers having a choice of in-person or virtual access to our services.
When we “gather” on Sept. 24 for the Southwest Indiana Chamber’s Annual Meeting, the largest business event of the year, we will invite you to either join us at the Ford Center or to join virtually. Many businesses plan to host remote “Annual Meeting Events” at their place of business with clients and staff. All are welcome as we convene to honor the extraordinary role our community’s first responders are playing in keeping our region safe, in managing the spread of this pandemic, and in providing critical health care for our friends who have been exposed. Never has the complex and invaluable role of our first responder community been so apparent. 2020 would have been far more damaging to our region without the integrated leadership of our health and safety professionals.
To keynote this special Annual Meeting, we are privileged to have an exceptional keynote speaker. David Morkal, battalion chief of the New York Fire Department, will be with us. As a tenured leader of the largest fire department in our country, Chief Morkal has distinguished himself with the department for over 30 years, through the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001, and more recently, in guiding the City of New York’s first responders through COVID-19, which hit them hard and fast. Chief Morkal has led the NYFD responses to some of the most large-scale crises our country has experienced. A University of Evansville theater grad, (a story in itself) Chief Morkal has distinguished himself in leadership roles within the department and throughout the nation. He is an inspiring speaker and his affection for the Evansville region as well as the university will make this an event you won’t want to miss.
Whether you join us at the Ford Center to conduct the annual business of the Chamber as we elect our incoming Board of Directors and the volunteer executives who will lead the board for the coming years, or you participate virtually, mark your calendar for Sept. 24. As always, all the details are on our website.
And keeping with our commitment to deliver our offerings in-person and digitally, the 2020-21 edition of Keep it Local, our business magazine and directory, will come your way Sunday, Sept. 27 after our Annual Meeting. Look for a copy with your Sunday Courier & Press, and you will find the digital version online with easy access to listings of the businesses and organizations that invest in the Chamber and in our community.
We’ve got a bright future, together.

#TogetherWeThrive #MaskUpHoosiers

Tara Barney
President and CEO
Southwest Indiana Chamber