Wesselman Woods Statement on On-Site Recycling

Effective immediately, Wesselman Woods (WW) will officially cease our on-site recycling services. The wider availability of recycling services within the county has drastically decreased the volume of recyclables at our on-site recycling collection facility, effectively making the recycling collection services at WW redundant. This step will also allow us to focus critical and limited resources on our core mission of preserving and sharing Wesselman Woods and Howell Wetlands.

We will continue to offer monthly off-site recycling in partnership with Vanderburgh County Solid Waste through 2021. Please visit our website (wesselmanwoods.org/recycling) for a schedule and more information on the items that you can bring.

This decision was not made lightly but through painstaking consideration of the Board of Directors and staff. WW began offering on-site recycling to fill a need in our community that was not being met at the time. Due to increased demand by residents and stakeholders, local recycling services have greatly increased. The City of Evansville now offers curbside recycling services to all residents within the city limits. In the county, the majority of the waste management companies offer recycling services. This affords nearly every resident and business within our community the opportunity to recycle from their home or business without having to transport the items themselves.

By greatly increasing the availability of recycling services, our community has come a long way in reducing the items in landfills. We are proud recycling is so widely available and that the vast majority of our community actively recycles. The Board and staff at WW are eternally grateful for the many volunteers and community members who dedicated their time and energy to the recycling collection effort at WW over the years; we thank you for your commitment and we are excited to continue working with you all in our conservation and educational efforts.

Although we are a small 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we are continually expanding our mission to preserve Wesselman Woods and Howell Wetlands, protect wildlife and wild places, and to provide environmental and sustainability education efforts within our community and beyond. Find out more about these unique properties, our research, and our programs at wesselmanwoods.org.