Wesselman Woods: Salamander Road Closing

From February 27th to the end of March, Wesselman Park will have most all of the Park loop closed off to vehicles from dusk until dawn each day. All roads that ARE open will be temporarily two-way roads during the evenings. Because it is during the dark, this closure shouldn’t affect the park usages. The reasoning for these closures is for the protection of the salamanders. During the first few warm rains of the year, salamanders travel to the vernal pool in the middle of the park for breeding. In order for them to get to this pool, the salamanders have to cross at least one road. In previous years, only one section of the roads was closed off, but still many salamanders were being killed during their journey to the vernal pool. Roads will be blocked off with a reflective chain from the average times of 5 pm to 7 am. We appreciate the understanding of the community for the sake of our amphibians.

For more information or to purchase tickets, call (812) 479-0771 or visit www.wesselmanwoods.com.