Wesselman Woods introduces sustainability courses for individuals and businesses

The Alcoa Foundation, Centerpoint Energy, and Wesselman Woods have joined to create the Green Allies Initiative, a series of courses on sustainability

The connection between sustainable business strategies and developing green citizens and consumers is constantly adapting with technological advances, cultural norms, and ecological changes. The Alcoa Foundation, Centerpoint Energy, and Wesselman Woods have joined to create the Green Allies Initiative (GAI). This course introduces environmental sustainability and touches on the science, concepts, and strategies used to green businesses, organizations, and individuals’ lifestyles. GAI is informed completely by the most recent Evansville Climate Action Plan, a plan developed for and by the citizens of Evansville.

The Green Allies workshop is a 7-week course with in-person components held on Saturdays at the Wesselman Woods Nature Center from 6 to 9 PM. A “digital-only” option grants access to an online repository of class video lessons without the in-person component. Registration is open to all individuals and organizations looking to introduce sustainable practices to their home or business.

Learn more about our presenters and sign up for the courses at wesselmanwoods.org/greenallies today.

  • Session #1: Why Evansville? Our Fight to Become More Sustainable
    • Instructor: Carolyn Townsend
    • 2021 Environmental Defense Fund Climate Corps Fellow with the NYC Mayor’s Office of Climate & Sustainability and 2020 Indiana Climate Fellow for the City of Evansville
  • Session #2: Sustainable Transportation
    • Instructor: Tim Maloney
    • Senior Policy Director at Hoosier Environmental Council
  • Session #3: Accelerating to Zero in the Built Environment
    • Instructor: Bill Brown, AIA
    • Principal Architect at Griffy Creek Studio, LLC
  • Session #4: Sustainable Waste Management
    • Instructor: Robert Flores
    • Vice President of Sustainability at Berry Global, Inc.
  • Session #5: Environmental Justice
    • Instructor: James Mosley
    • Owner & CEO of EnviroKinetics, Inc. and Chairman of NAACP-Evansville Environment & Climate Justice Committee
  • Session #6: Productive Green Space and Urban Forests
    • Instructor: Dr. Sarah Mincey
    • Urban Forestry Researcher and Director of the Environmental Resilience Institute at Indiana University
  • Session #7: Sustainability Action Plan Clinic
    • Instructor: Stephanie Richard Hayes
    • Managing Principal at Gnarly Tree Sustainability Institute