Vaccine Volunteer Information

Who can volunteer at Deaconess?
Deaconess offers many volunteer opportunities for those who are willing and have the time to serve.  Adults age 18 and over, as well as students age 15 to 17 (junior volunteers), are welcomed.  Volunteers serve at both the Deaconess Midtown Campus and the Deaconess Gateway Campus.  

Volunteer Opportunities
Most volunteer opportunities are between 2-4 hours in length, one day per week. Students are required to make a commitment to volunteer for one full semester or an entire summer in order to be accepted into the program. Adults are asked to make a commitment to volunteer a total of 50 hours per year.

Ascension St. Vincent

Ascension St. Vincent COVID-19 vaccine administration efforts are underway. This is a huge initiative, and many individuals both non-clinical and clinical are needed to ensure the success of our vaccination program. We are seeking your help in joining us in our vaccination efforts.
Seeking people who have been vaccinated, can either stand for six hours or have basic computer skills.

For questions or more information, contact Janet Raisor.