The Benefits Are On-Going

When we first opened our doors in 2013, one of the first pieces of advice we received was, “You want to be a member of the Chamber”. In the five years since we joined we have learned that the benefits are on-going and always evolving.

The networking opportunities are numerous. Of course, the weekly CNN is large and welcoming, but the alliances allow for more focused discussions, sharing of resources, and they are as diverse as our population. Coupled with the educational events that advance our company and our staff, this membership has allowed us to grow from a tiny, start-up into an expanding, award-winning establishment.

Our involvement in the Diverse Business Alliance, CNN, and the Chamber Ambassadors has had a measurable impact on Hearing Healthcare Center. To date, we can track 10% of our new business back to our contacts developed through Chamber membership. Our investment in the Chamber has yielded many returns.


Misty Wolford, Practice Administrator