Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day

Join us on Wednesday, October 16 as we celebrate the impact a chamber of commerce makes on the community and region it serves.

What is Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day?

Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day celebrates the catalytic work that is happening within chamber of commerce organizations. Celebrated annually on the third Wednesday in October, #SupportYourLocalChamberDay provides an opportunity to recognize and highlight the organizations, professionals and volunteers who work tirelessly to transform communities. It is a chance to bring awareness to the industry, highlight programs and recognize the role chambers of commerce play as leaders of communities and regions.

How Members Can Celebrate:

Join other chamber of commerce advocates as they commit to supporting their local organization.

  • Consider volunteering with the chamber of commerce in your area
  • Encourage someone who is not a member to join your local chamber of commerce
  • Attend the next event hosted by your chamber
  • Post a photo on social media about why you support your chamber using #SupportYourLocalChamberDay
  • Write your favorite chamber professional a thank you note
  • Make sure your membership is current with your local chamber of commerce
  • Download Social Media Resources