Quarion Technology – Small town, big tech.

Quarion is the developer of the world’s most advanced and fully capable indoor GPS system. Their technology provides precision location (+/- 6 inches) in 3 dimensions, up to 100 times per second while also delivering data and remote-control functionality over the Ultra-Wideband (UWB) wireless system. 

Its primary application is in warehouses, distribution centers, and factories where it enables operations to achieve never-before-achievable levels of productivity while improving overall employee safety. The wireless system can collect data from machines and equipment and combine that data with location to initiate control signals for machines, warnings for personnel, and/or information for warehouse management systems.

Necessity, the Mother of Invention.

Quarion Technology was founded in 2015 by Aric Pryor, following the successful sale of a prior business venture that focused on the safety and tracking of underground miners. A business acquaintance contacted Aric seeking assistance with tracking employees in a facility to ensure that they were accounted for in a building evacuation (fire, chemical spill, weather emergency, etc). Previous efforts by the company to use RFID failed to produce acceptable results, opening the door for Quarion’s Ultra-Wideband solution. This soon led to the most significant breakthrough-application of the technology — forklift tracking/control and safety around loading docks. 

One System, Multiple Solutions.

Most recently, Quarion developed an add-on app for warning workers if they violate social distancing limits and provide contact tracing to direct testing and sanitizing for post infection identification. This was prompted by one of Quarion’s customers – they knew about Quarion’s ability to know the location of ANY person or ANY thing at ANY time and asked for help with a Contact Tracing and Social Distancing solution. Quarion’s CONTAQTRACETM can:

  • Track and know EXACTLY where every worker has been and who they have been near
  • Maintain a history of worker locations and movements
  • Control worker interactions with rules and real-time alerts and reports

And, when the pandemic is over, customers have a system that can be used every day to improve productivity and safety at their operations (unlike a ‘smart-watch’ or other system that relies on Bluetooth or WiFi).

Leading Edge Technology.

Awareness and acceptance of this Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology is slowly gaining greater acceptance as businesses look for ways to improve safety, implement multi-function and process-flexible systems, and pave the way for Industry 4.0 and greater autonomous functionality.  Quarion is delivering one system that solves multiple, tough problems:  forklift safety, employee safety, product and inventory tracking, and efficiency and productivity improvement. ONE SYSTEM, MULTIPLE ROI’s. All of this has been created in the Ohio Valley, not Silicon Valley. It has been developed in the very community that birthed the air impact wrench, Dodge Trucks, and Mead Johnson.

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