Quarion Technology selected as a Finalist for the 2020 MHI Innovation Awards – Best New Product

The Material Handling Institute, the nation’s largest material handling, logistics, and supply chain association, has named Quarion Technology’s innovative DokSAFE™ as one of the finalists for its Best New Product category of the 2020 MHI Innovation Awards. DokSAFE™ is a remote tracking and control safety system for forklifts operating in loading dock areas. Finalists for the award will make an in-booth presentation to a panel of judges during the MODEX 2020 trade show in Atlanta, Georgia. The award winners will be announced on March 11th during the MHI Industry Night gala held at the Thomas Murphy Ballroom.

The MHI selected Quarion’s DokSAFE™ as a best new product due to its trailblazing use of Ultra-Wideband real-time location technology, coupled with electronic vehicle controls. The result is a world-class safety product that can remotely stop a forklift from entering an unsafe trailer. Premature trailer separation from loading docks account for nearly 1,400 serious injuries per year in the U.S. DokSAFE™ is the product to eliminate those injures. By using the location and direction of the forklift, as well as monitoring the status of the trailer restraint system, DokSAFE™ transmits a stop signal to disable the forklift before it enters an unrestrained trailer at the loading dock. This dramatically changes the options available for loading dock operators, who heretofore have only had lights, signs and physical barriers to prevent accidents.

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For additional information or more technical information, contact: Aric Pryor at aric.pryor@quariontechnology.com. 833-892-7767 ext. 700 or visit www.UWBpros.com.

Quarion Technology, founded in 2015 by Aric Pryor, is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) company dedicated to helping warehouse, distribution center, and factory managers achieve incredible levels of productivity while improving overall employee safety. This is achieved through the employment of Quarion’s Ultra-Wideband (UWB) based real-time location system – delivering precision micro-location in indoor settings to provide real-time tracking of powered industrial vehicles, employees, assets, and inventory while providing wireless data-backhaul, dynamic geo-fencing, vehicle/machine speed control (and shut-down) with user specific cloud dashboards and analytics tools (Q-LytixTM). Quarion’s innovative approach to Industry 4.0 and IIoT is game-changing!