Protocols for businesses with a Positive COVID-19 Case

Indiana Health Alert Network (IHAN) notification explains how the Indiana State Department of Health supports the return to the work setting after a positive COVID-19 test.

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Notification for positive case in a place of business:
Either the Vanderburgh County Health Department (VCHD) or (both) the Indiana State Department of Health’s (ISDH) contact tracing team will contact a business with a positive employee, IF that employee identifies where they work. If it is a food establishment they will also be contacted by the environmental division of the VCHD to assure food safety.

Recommended Shut-Down Protocols (if any and for how long):
Shut down protocols are dependent on the number of positive employees, patrons and the ability to clean the business establishment. The Vanderburgh County Health Department will work with any business with questions and concerns. Please note, wearing masks and requiring masks in your business establishment will diminish the need for closure.     

Recommended Cleaning Protocols (if any and what products are recommended): Different establishments have different cleaning needs. Please see guidance on the CDC website for instructions and cleaning solutions.

CDC Cleaning Guidance.pdf
CDC Guidance for Business on

Isolation and Quarantine Protocols for those employee positive cases: Positive cases should follow the instructions of the VCHD and ISDH contact tracing team. The minimal isolation for positive COVID cases will be 3 days since the last fever with improved respiratory symptoms and at LEAST 10 days since the onset of symptoms. If symptoms last longer they will be on isolation a longer period of time.  

Isolation and Quarantine Protocols for those exposed customer/client:
If an individual has been identified as a close contact — within 6 feet for 10-15 min at a time — they should follow the instructions of the VCHD and ISDH contact tracing team. Contacts should begin self-isolation as soon as they are notified and stay in isolation for 14 days since the LAST exposure.

Contact Tracing teams will notify customers/clients that may have been exposed to a positive case: The VCHD and/or the ISDH contract tracing team will notify each business that a +positive COVID case was in their establishment during their infectious period IF the individual identifies the business during their interview they will be notified. Public health officials will not know if individuals are not forthright during the interview process.