Posey County Office October Member of the Month – ProRehab Poseyville

Congratulations to ProRehab Poseyville the October Posey County Office Member of the Month! ProRehab Poseyville is located at 7 W. Main St. and can be reached by calling (812) 270-4405 or online at www.prorehab-pc.com. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Read on as Will Tank, Clinic Director & Staff Physical Therapist, tells us more about ProRehab Poseyville.

Who started the business and why? ProRehab was founded in Evansville in 1999 by Pat Wempe and Jody Kissel to provide outpatient physical and occupational therapy services to the tri state area. ProRehab was founded on the principles of providing excellent care and amazing customer service, and the company’s mission remains the same today. ProRehab’s Poseyville location was opened in August 2018 to provide local physical therapy services to Posey County and the surrounding region.

What are the services you provide at your business? We provide outpatient physical therapy services at our Poseyville location. We treat a variety of disorders ranging from orthopedic injuries (sprains and strains, fractures, post-operative cases, spine and extremity pain, athletic injuries, etc.), neurological diseases (Parkinson’s disease, etc.), generalized weakness and balance deficits, and vestibular disorders, among others.

What is your favorite thing about the business? We have received a tremendous amount of support from the local community over the past year, and are very thankful for this. The relationships that we have formed with patients and community partners stands out as the highlight of our time in Posey County.

How does your business differentiate itself from the competition? Our Poseyville location prides itself on being convenient and accessible for the local community as we are the only outpatient therapy provider within 20 miles of Poseyville. We also have an athletic training contract with North Posey High School which allows us to provide coverage to local athletes through our athletic trainer, Robbiccaa Young.

What do most members of the community not know about your business?  Physical therapy can be the first treatment option for a number of injuries or ailments. The state of Indiana allows consumers to seek physical therapy services without a physician referral for 42 days through direct access. We also offer free 15 minute screens in which we can determine whether physical therapy would be a good treatment option for the consumer or whether other options may be more appropriate (referral to physician, etc.).

Anything else you would like included about your business? We are here to serve the local community. Feel free to contact us at 812-270-4405 if you receive an order for physical therapy, want to explore the option of care through direct access, or if you have any questions about our services.