ORG Chem Group, LLC – A 25 year Southwest Indiana Chamber member

June 8, 2019 marked a 25-year anniversary for ORG Chem Group, LLC as a member of the Southwest Indiana Chamber. ORG Chem has been in business since 1979. We would like to thank them for their valuable membership and service to the Southwest Indiana region.

ORG CHEM Group is a custom chemical processor, as well as a supplier of specialty products and technical services. Their mission is to safely provide quality products and services that add value and improve sustainability. CHEM Group has been purifying, recycling, and recovering chemicals in key sectors of their industry for nearly 40 years. Today, they are widely recognized for many of the unique strategies they have developed to accomplish this.

Corporate Headquarters – 2406 Lynch Rd., Evansville

CHEM Group operates three facilities in the central United States. Evansville is the location of their Corporate headquarters. Each site has the ability to perform our key distillation process technologies; short path, vacuum and simple distillation. Individual sites have the capabilities to perform atmospheric and vacuum fractionation and reaction chemistry.

ORG Chem Group is located at 2406 Lynch Rd. in Evansville and can be contacted at (812) 464-4446 or learn more online at