Nomad Technology Group, LLC – A 10-year Southwest Indiana Chamber member

May 27 marks a 10-year anniversary for Nomad Technology Group, LLC as a member of the Southwest Indiana Chamber and the Tri-State Manufacturers Alliance. We would like to thank Nomad Technology Group for their valuable membership, participation and service to the Greater Evansville region. Nomad Technology Group offers complete technology solutions for businesses, non-profits, and government agencies, custom-tailored to your organization’s needs, often including all hardware, software, and service at one flat monthly fee. Nomad Technology Group is located at 2113 Maxwell Ave. in Evansville and can be reached by calling (812) 618-4032. Follow them on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.


We are committed to providing excellent “Technology Support” and maintaining integrity and trust while performing in the best interest of our clients.

Nomad’s business model is a complete paradigm switch from the IT industry.  In order to fulfill our mission, we had to be in line with our clients needs and wants. We choose a business model that is “win-win”. When our clients are happy we make money, when they aren’t, it cost us.

Nomad is extremely proud of our company and the service we provide.