Morley – A 25-Year E-REP Member

June 21 marks a 25-year anniversary for active Evansville Regional Economic Partnership member, Morley. We would like to thank Morley for their valuable membership, participation and service to the Evansville region. Morley is located at 4800 Rosebud Ln. in Newburgh and can be reached by calling (812) 464-9585.


Relationships are Earned

A partnership with Morley will be transparent, as it should be. We are who we are. As a client, you should always feel like an extension of our team. Because simply put, you are.

Our clients turn to us for answers. We have a knack for solving problems, even before they become problems. That’s innovation. We aren’t successful by accident. The relationships we’ve cultivated are ones we’ve earned, and refined, over many years.

We are not Dictator’s

We’re architects, engineers and surveyors: a more perceptive lot. We hear your requests, and put them first. But we are also proactive. We contribute expert insight, derived from decades of industry expertise. Good design can simultaneously be cost effective. A sidewalk can create a sense of community. A subdivision doesn’t have to disturb nature, but should be built in its beauty.

You know that saying, “beauty is more than skin deep”? Well, we’re just beginning to scratch the surface.

Everyone says they are different…

Everyone says they are the best: an approach we understand, but not one we have personally adopted. We prefer our work and our reputation to speak for us.

We’re doing this because it’s who we ARE.

We think multi-dimensionally. Architecture, engineering and surveying are all components of projects, but they’re not always well coordinated.

At Morley, they are.

We’ve found a way to make it work. That’s diversity: coexisting. It makes a difference.

Our team is just that: a team. There is no rivalry, or finger-pointing. We collaborate and work together, always with the client’s best interest at heart. That’s our core. And everything we do flows from this approach.