Lux Motors – A 5-year Southwest Indiana Chamber member

July 15 marked a 5-year anniversary for Lux Motors as a member of the Southwest Indiana Chamber. We would like to thank Lux Motors for their valuable membership, participation and service to the Greater Evansville region. Lux Motors is located at 3030 N Green River Rd., Evansville, IN 47715 and can be reached by calling (812) 401-1080. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Lux Motors specializes in exotic, import, high-line, and luxury vehicles along with SUV’s, trucks, and jeeps. Customizing vehicles is a passion and strong point for Lux Motors. We also have a Nationwide Auto Search which prevents customers from traveling out of town. Lux will locate, transport, and handle the whole process.


Local dealership in Evansville, IN

This may be a jarring thing to hear at the beginning of this article; but here goes. Lux Motors’ goal is NOT to sell you a vehicle. Did that get your attention? We thought it might.   

Now, keep reading.  

Lux Motors is here to sell you an experience. From the red-carpet to the inventory to the no-pressure sales staff; Lux motors end goal is to make you fall back in love with the car buying process from the moment you step foot on the lot until the day you start thinking about your NEXT vehicle. Lux Motors is many things. It’s an experience and a dream factory existing inside what can only be described as a toy box. Most of all, it is a family.  Lux Motors does not want to sell you a vehicle. They want to sell you ALL your vehicles. They want to sell all your friend’s cars. They want to sell all your family their cars.  When you find yourself in the market for a vehicle, they want to be the only dealership that comes to mind.  With that being said; are you more or less likely to buy from family? That’s what we thought.  Keep reading.   

If you have ever been to Lux Motors, you have probably seen their inventory.  Sleek, elegant, strong, and to be frank; dripping in “swag”.  However, maybe while you may enjoy these vehicles… none of them are quite “you”.  Well, as any good family member would do, Lux will then do something that is not utilized as much as anyone would like.  Lux listens.  What is it that you DO want?  Your dream is not everyone’s, and everyone’s isn’t yours.  Tell them what your ideal vehicle is.  Lux will go get it for you.  Where many dealerships will try to tell you how amazing a vehicle they have on site is, Lux goes above and beyond to get you the vehicle YOU want.  “Buy your car, your way” is a phrase used frequently and backed up constantly.   

Congratulations!  You just bought the vehicle of your dreams.  Okay.  Now what?  

At Lux the process doesn’t end here.  Far from it.  What is the best thing about family?  You can borrow their stuff. With Lux, that means their connections and discounts.  Want tint? Wheels? Tires? You now have their discount.  So does EVERYONE in your household.  Because hey, they’re family now too.   

Lux exists entirely to flip the car buying process on its head.  Hate that it takes 8 hours to buy a car?  They have streamlined the process.  Barring complications, it isn’t uncommon to be in and out in an hour.  Hate pushy and dishonest sales guys?  Lux’s entire sales staff does too.   

Ok. The rides are great.  Process is great.  Staff is great.  Ok, sure.  What about the owners though? 

Ownership may be the STRONGEST link in the Lux Motors chain.  Want to know how the staff adopted this industry changing mindset?  Attitude reflects leadership.  The owners at Lux Motors realize that their dream of changing the mindset of the “used car dealership” extends much further than the car buying process.  Lux ownership is very active in the community and strives to use their position to help others.  They have spent countless hours and efforts to benefit numerous charity organizations as well as many local animal shelters and rescues.  Recently, they donated $100 per vehicle sold for the month of July to help knock down the EVSC school lunch debt, totaling $4,800.  Spend five minutes with the staff at Lux Motors and you will notice almost immediately that every employee would gladly run through a wall for ownership with no hesitation.  You’ll notice smiles.  Genuine smiles unlike the one so many people practice in front of a mirror to maintain composure on a daily basis, but the smile that can only be derived from waking up every day to a job you love to work for people you legitimately respect.   

So, are you in the market for a vehicle?  Do you know someone that is? Maybe you’re looking to stoke the fire of vehicular curiosity and wonder that exists within every child?  Do you need some help with that? 

Maybe you should ask your family.