Ivy Tech and United Methodist Youth Home Partner to Propel Students Forward

The United Methodist Youth Home (UMYH) has teamed up with Ivy Tech Community College Evansville to help youth in their care gain confidence and be on the road to be contributing members of our communities. While with the UMYH, these youth can earn their High School Equivalency (HSE), as well as take college courses on site from Ivy Tech. All is being provided at no cost to the students.

The free HSE is made possible through a grant Ivy Tech received from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.

“We are happy to be able to provide these services to our community’s youth,” said Daniela Vidal, chancellor of Ivy Tech Evansville. “Beginning with our youth is the way Ivy Tech can make a difference and give everyone a good start to develop our workforce and make a strong community.”

The partnership between Ivy Tech and UMYH will allow for more students to not only obtain their HSE but to continue their education at the college level.  Ivy Tech will also provide students at UMYH with career coaching, and opportunities to become familiar and comfortable with college. 

Kelly Salee, executive director of the UMYH, said the coaching will allow students to build a one-on-one rapport with one of the team at Ivy Tech’s Career Coaching and Employer Connections department. This coach will help guide them in reaching their educational goals and to determine where their talents lie. 

“Over and over again, we hear our students say that they aren’t smart enough to go to college so we want to bring college to them. This partnership will allow Ivy Tech to provide classes on UMYH’s campus, allowing our students to work toward earning their HSE and have the opportunity to earn college credits,” Salee said.  “Once they see they can do a college class, have rapport established and tour the college, this will increase their connection and likelihood of furthering their education.”

Salee said the UMYH had always wanted to offer more than just an HSE. “We want to prepare our kids for paths that will lead to brighter futures.

“We’re excited about this partnership because it will help make that future more attainable. By helping these often-overlooked teens access higher education, we’re preparing them for higher wages, healthier lives, and more informed decision making. We’re imparting hope and expanding their horizons by empowering them to break cycles and that’s what it’s all about,” Salee added.