Indiana Tech, one of the 15 Best Online Criminal Justice Degree Bachelor’s Programs for 2020

Bachelor’s Degree Center Releases National Rankings of Criminal Justice and Criminology Degree Programs


The Indiana Institute of Technology offers three online Criminal Justice Bachelor Degree programs – a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (BSCJ), the BSCJ in Administration, and the BSCJ Rehabilitation Services.

Each of Indiana Tech’s These online criminal justice degree programs prepares students for careers in the fields of corrections, probation, law enforcement, and profiling, to name a few. Indiana Institute of Technology’s criminal justice programs offer internship opportunities with the state police and the local county’s criminal justice system.

The Indiana Institute of Technology was established in 1930 as a for-profit business school but has since been reorganized as a nonprofit institution of higher learning. The school’s main campus is in Fort Wayne; however, the school operates another thirteen locations throughout Indiana and Kentucky.

What We Like: Indiana Institute of Technology is a specialty school that focuses on career-oriented programs in education, criminal justice, engineering, and criminal justice.

Degree: BS in Criminal Justice, BSCJ Administration, BSCJ Rehabilitation Services


Working people in the criminal justice and criminology field often start with just a high school diploma or associate’s degree, but today, they can earn their bachelor’s on their own time with an online program. The top reason most people pick an online program in criminal justice is that they can quickly get through the program and start making the most of their careers. Some jobs in criminal justice can also start even while the student is still completing their training and other online coursework. These opportunities offer the active, exciting, and hands-on experiences that may first begin during training but continue will also as part of a long-term career.

There are a number of variables to consider when selecting the best criminal justice schools you can trust. The best criminal justice schools should be accredited, with a good reputation. The best colleges should also offer job market networking, with statistical details about the hire rate after completing the program. The most trusted programs include faculty who have real-world experience in criminal justice fields. Students are exposed to theory as well as emerging global and national trends.


People who are interested in an online criminal justice program -primarily adults already working in the field – have very real-world concerns about choosing a college. That’s why Bachelor’s Degree Center editors focus just on accredited, trusted institutions. Programs are ranked according to five factors: Alumni Salary, Graduation Rate, Job Placement, Student Satisfaction, and Tuition Costs

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