Indiana Legislative Update Interim Study Committee Update

The Senate President Pro Tem and the House Speaker have announced the appointments to this year’s Interim Study Committees. Generally these Committees won’t start meeting until late August/early September. As of right now, only one meeting is on the books for August 28th.

Here’s a rundown of the Committees studying topics of significance to Southwest Indiana Chamber members and also the Committees that our local delegation members are assigned to (unless otherwise specified, there are no local delegation members assigned).
• Interim Study Committee on Fiscal Policy (reviewing RDA’s, school funding formula, tax credits for workforce housing, workforce programs, tax incentives, & taxation of CBD & vaping products): Chair Senator Travis Holdman, Vice Chair Rep. Tim Brown
• 21st Century Energy Policy Development Task Force (Multi-year study of various energy policies): Co-Chairs Senator Eric Koch & Rep. Edmond Soliday; Rep. Ryan Hatfield is a member
• Storm Water Management Task Force (studying storm water management systems): Co-Chairs Senator Ed Charbonneau & Rep. Edmond Soliday
• Interim Study Committee on Financial Institutions and Insurance (studying drivers of health care cost increases & other issues): Chair Senator Eric Bassler; Vice Chair Rep. Martin Carbaugh
• Interim Study Committee on Public Health, Behavioral Health, and Human Services (studying growth of health care costs, including prescription drug pricing & access among other items): Chair Senator Ed Charbonneau; Vice Chair Cindy Kirchhofer; Senator Vaneta Becker & Representative Ryan Hatfield are members
– August 28th, 9:00 a.m.: Joint Meeting with the Interim Study Committee on Financial Institutions and Insurance
• Interim Study Committee on Education (studying career counseling & property tax referenda impact on teacher pay): Chair Senator Jeff Raatz; Vice Chair Rep. Robert Behning
• Interim Study Committee on Employment & Labor (studying worker mis-classification & the status of the unemployment compensations system/funding sustainability): Chair Senator John Ruckelshaus; Vice Chair Heath VanNatter
• Interim Study Committee on Agriculture & Natural Resources (studying farmland preservation & agricultural conservation easements): Chair Senator Jean Leising; Vice Chair Rep. Don Lehe; Senator Jim Tomes is a member
All committees should make any findings and recommendations concerning the topics available in a report no later than November 1, 2019.

In addition to those noted above, here are other Interim Committee assignments for our SW Indiana delegation (Committee member unless designated):
• State Senator Jim Tomes: Interim Study Committee on Public Safety & Military Affairs (Chair); Interim Study Committee on Corrections & Criminal Code
• State Senator Mark Messmer: Interim Study Committee on Environmental Affairs; Legislative Council
• State Representative Matt Hostettler: Interim Study Committee on Public Policy;
• State Representative Wendy McNamara: Interim Study Committee on Corrections & Criminal Code (Vice Chair)
• State Representative Holli Sullivan: Interim Study Committee on Roads & Transportation (Vice Chair); NCSL 2020 Legislative Summit Host Committee
• State Representative Ryan Hatfield: Interim Study Committee on Energy, Utilities & Telecommunications
• State Representative Ron Bacon: Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (Vice Chair)

Important Dates:
• Friday, August 9th – SW IN Chamber Lunch with Governor Holcomb
• Wednesday, August 28th – Joint Meeting of Interim Committees to review drivers of increasing health care costs
• Tuesday, November 5th – Indiana General Election Day (Municipal elections only in 2019)