Indiana INTERNnet by the Numbers

As another spring semester comes to an end, Indiana INTERNnet accomplishes more than ever before! 

Whether you’re a student or employer, Indiana INTERNnet can fill your internship needs – the best part? We’re free!

Students, find an internship and get a direct line of contact with employers. Our site allows you to easily search through a wide variety of internship positions to find exactly what you’re looking for. The site even allows you to send employers a direct message, so your internship search isn’t a guessing game.

Employers, fill your internship positions with one of the 10,500 students actively searching on Indiana INTERNnet! We’re the only platform that has the EARN Indiana program, which provides low income students with high quality internsihps. In just the past two years, Indiana INTERNnet matched over 2,000 individuals with employers for internships. We have students from every college and university in Indiana!

To date, we’ve had 101,411 students and 8,784 employers use our platform, with 32,720 positions posted. Here’s a look at what we’ve accomplished in 2019:

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