Hafer PSC received certification from the Best Workplace Institute

Hafer, a local architecture, engineering and interior design firm, recently received certification from the Best Workplace Institute. Certified companies set the standard as the best, most effective workplaces in the world.

In order to reach certification, all employees completed an extensive questionnaire to statistically analyze their thoughts and opinions on teamwork, life-giving work, outstanding talent, growth opportunities, rewarding compensation, inspirational leadership, sustainable strategy and healthy communication. The results were measured and compared to other organizations throughout the country in similar business sectors and scored appropriately.

The final statistical analysis proves Hafer’s employees are invested and committed to the company. The employees feel their work is valued and rewarded while also having a high level of trust between everyone at all levels. It was also noted the leaders at Hafer model fairness and integrity and lead with respect and compassion.

“Our people are our greatest asset. Our team’s dedication, creativity and vision is unmatched,” said Jeff Justice, President. “This assessment confirms the positive culture we have here at Hafer is something special. We are truly honored to be recognized as a ‘Best Workplace’ by the Best Workplace Institute.”