Garmong Delivers Sneeze Guards to Local Hospitals

Founded in 1923, and guided by fourth generation leadership, Garmong specializes in Construction Management Services, delivering extensive comprehensive and collaborative focus on projects in the public and private sector. Garmong maintains a large book of business in the Healthcare Industry with nearly every healthcare provider and hospital in the State of Indiana. The Pandemic has caused some of our projects to be postponed due to patient and employee safety in these facilities.

Sneeze guards for healthcare staff /patient protection

The Evansville office has adapted to the needs and wants of our local healthcare professionals and provided them with some solutions for their staff to maintain safety. Garmong’s talented carpenters, who may normally be working on construction projects within a hospital, have transitioned their skill sets away from the facilities and in the shop to develop a sneeze guard to protect the hospital workers throughout the evaluation stage in the hospital. They are creating and fabricating mobile plexiglass panels for our hospitals to temporarily place at registration areas and other patient interaction areas to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and keeping the medical staff safer with an additional line of protection.

World War II Ammo Box

The ability to adapt is nothing new for Garmong in our nearly 100 years of business. Evansville employees of Garmong are reminded each day of Garmong’s ability to adapt in the form of a simple Ammo box that sits on display. During World War II, when most of our young carpenters were off to war and the construction industry was drastically idle, Garmong joined the War Effort by providing ammo boxes to better serve the country and community. Garmong contracted with munition manufacturers to build ammunition boxes and our carpenters who weren’t serving in war, shifted gears and used their skills to serve the effort on the home front. Times have changed over the years but the will to help within the Garmong community has stayed the same.