Fibertech Inc continues to evolve with innovation of new products and services

Fibertech Inc. is a Plastic Rotational Molder and Ag Services company that has been in business for 20+ years. This September, we are celebrating 10 years at our location in Elberfeld, IN. We serve customers in the food processing and material handling industry as well as supplying repair and wash services for seed boxes to the agricultural industry.

From humble beginnings in a small repair shop with one customer, founder William Scott envisioned more. Fibertech Inc. took the knowledge gained from repairing damaged containers and began designing and manufacturing a more durable, better quality container. In 1999, we saw the need for improved plastic containers. Using the knowledge gained from years of repairs, we launched a line of rotational molded plastic containers for material handling in food, laundry and other industrial segments.

Initially moving into the space, we had aspirations of filling the 40,000 sq ft plant. Ten years and two building expansions later, we are now at 160,000 sq ft. Since the beginning, we’ve focused on extending the life of our products. We continue to grow and develop our business, always striving to evolve with the innovation of new products and services.

Every product we produce is a testament of our dedication to quality, durability, and skill as experts in the field. Learn more about opportunities with us at or call 800-304-4600.