Eyecare Consultants, LLP – A 10-year Southwest Indiana Chamber Member

September 1 marked a 10-year anniversary for Eyecare Consultants, LLP as a member of the Southwest Indiana Chamber. We would like to thank Eyecare Consultants, LLP for their valuable membership, participation and service to the Greater Evansville region. Eyecare Consultants, LLP is located at 101 N.W. 1ST St.Suite 112 in Evansville and can be reached by calling (812) 426-2020. Follow them on Facebook.

From eyecare-consultants.net:

Serving the community since 1989

EyeCare Consultants has been offering comprehensive eye care to the Evansville community since 1989. Our goal is to offer patients convenient access to quality affordable care with the area’s top eye care professionals. Our own Dr. Egenmaier was named Doctor of Optometry of the Year, and Dr. Boyer was the first ophthalmologist to perform the iStent procedure in Evansville. We are also proud to be the first in the area to offer many new procedures, including “no shot, no stitch, no path, no drop” cataract surgery. We work closely with other area doctors to co-manage appropriate ophthalmic disorders and help patients to obtain the best clinical outcomes possible.

Award Winning Cooperative Patient Care

We are dedicated to the philosophy of cooperative patient care and have been recognized for delivering an outstanding patient experience. Our physicians and surgeons work with patients to find customized treatment plans to best fit your needs and lifestyle.