EVSC Foundation Receives Generous Donation from 100 Guys Who Care

Thanks to a significant donation from 100 Guys Who Care, the EVSC Foundation, through its clothing resource, Hangers, now has the ability to help even more students. Hangers recently received a $10,450 donation from 100 Guys Who Care which will be used to help purchase clothing, shoes, hygiene items and other necessary articles students may need.

“We are so thankful 100 Guys Who Care selected Hangers as the organization to support this quarter,” said Maureen Barton, executive director, EVSC Foundation. “Each year, Hangers sees thousands of students. Funding helps ease burdens faced by EVSC schools, the child, their family and ultimately our community. Stories are the real gift. The words of younger children are so appreciative and the older kids, middle school aged, they see and understand someone is behind the scenes funding their clothing and supporting them. They get it and that is a game-changer for how they will raise their family in our community.”

100 Guys Who Care consists of local gentlemen joining forces with a common goal to raise $10,000 or more for a local non-profit organization four times each year. Each member contributes a $100 check after listening to three non-profit organizations share their mission. Non-profit organizations are given 10 minutes with a microphone only- no props or technology to share their causes.

“To date, we’ve provided over $75,000 to great organizations working hard in our community, stated the 100 Guys Who Care committee. “As a group, we enjoy getting to know more about our community and seeing how dollars make an impact.  Our group is growing and we welcome new members.”

Hangers is located at the Academy of Innovative Studies (former North High School) on Diamond Avenue. During the summer new and gently used clothing donations are accepted on Monday’s from 8 a.m. to Noon. Monetary donations can be made at https://evscfoundation.org/give-today/ or call 812-435-0913 to sponsor a student for the 2019-20 school year. To learn more about 100 Guys Who Care, visit their website: 100guyswhocareevv.com or Facebook page 10 Guys Who Care Evansville.