EVSC Foundation Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

“A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart.” That quote exemplifies the work done each and every day in classrooms across the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation. This week, in recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week, the EVSC Foundation celebrates more than 1,500 teachers in the EVSC who work tirelessly every day to ensure all students succeed to their maximum potential.

“The list of reasons we are thankful for teachers is endless,” said EVSC Foundation Executive Director Maureen Barton. “Their talent, devotion, hard work, creativity, compassion and resourcefulness only name a few of the qualities that make them outstanding leaders, both in our schools and in the Evansville community.”

The EVSC Foundation supports teachers and the young people they lead by directing charitable community giving to enhance experiences in education. The EVSC Foundation supports teachers by funding professional development, classroom and district programs, classroom and teacher technology, and much more. The EVSC Foundation also oversees Hangers, the clothing resource that serves over 2,400 students annually.

“It’s important for our community to know that above all else, we are a foundation rooting for EVSC students and teachers,” Barton said. So far this school year, EVSC Foundation donors have donated nearly $500,000 to EVSC teachers, students, and programs.

“With 40 schools, the ways you can make a difference are endless, said Barton. Our donors are sure to find a program they feel a connection with, whether helping provide basic necessities for at-need students, supporting professional development or high-level academic opportunities. It is all an investment in our community’s young people—all students are important.

For more information on the EVSC Foundation, visit www.evscfoudation.org,call 812-435-0913 or email info@evscfoundation.