EVSC Foundation Celebrates Education by Kicking Off ‘Make Change’ Campaign

EVSC Foundation Celebrates Education by Kicking Off ‘Make Change’ Campaign

Make change. Those two simple words are the theme for this year’s EVSC Foundation GivingTuesday campaign. GivingTuesday is a movement where people celebrate volunteering and generosity the Tuesday after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

“Make Change is our end-of-the-year campaign because that is what EVSC teachers and students did great this year — change and adopt,” said EVSC Foundation Executive Director Maureen Barton. More than ever, we are focused on our school community. Our gratitude this year is for the many supporters from booster clubs, volunteers, parents, donors and alumni who are generous with their time and support of students. We want them to know we are thankful for the positive change they make each day.”

As part of GivingTuesday, the EVSC Foundation is celebrating supporters who are “making change.” A few of those include:

Marcia Kennard Kiessling, Ph.D., 1973 Bosse High School graduate

Kennard Kiessling created the “Beverly Kennard Legacy Scholarship” in honor of her mother, who was also a Bosse graduate, advocate, and volunteer for the school. Beverly Kennard worked tirelessly to support her four children during their time at Bosse, and touched the lives of thousands more students through her involvement in BHS programs. Marcia’s legacy gift helps cover a Bosse student’s college tuition while reiterating the importance of community—something her mother was an example of daily.

Dr. Gerald Oakley, 1964 Reitz High School graduate

Watching the news surrounding the pandemic, Dr. Gerald Oakley decided to make a substantial gift to the Medical Professions Academy, EVSC’s premiere program for high school students interested in healthcare and medicine. Oakley made the gift in honor of his mother, Dorothy Oakley (Central High School Class of ‘43) to purchase additional equipment and add hands-on opportunities for students. Oakley shared, “Why wait until I am gone?” then chose to make a gift now instead of leaving one in his will.

Robert (Bob) Francis, Reitz High School graduate

When Reitz alum, beloved husband, father, and west-side local Robert (Bob) Francis passed away in April, his family decided to do something special in memory of his kind and giving spirit. Bob’s wife, Angie Francis, asked that memorial gifts be directed to EVSC’s Grab & Go Meal Program during the quarantine. “It’s what he would have wanted,” shared Francis. “Bob was always working to help those who needed it most. As in-laws of an EVSC educator and with two grandchildren on their way into the school system, we always have our eyes and ears open for those kinds of needs. We know there are many kids relying on school as their main food source, and we can help them.”

“As the season of giving approaches, we ask our community to join us in finding their own ways to ‘make change,’” Barton said. “Maybe it’s adopting a student from the ‘angel trees’ at Evans, Dexter or Caze, cleaning out your closet to give clothing to Hangers, or donating to the student relief fund to help children in crisis. Today, we invite everyone to ‘make change for ’20’ by helping young people in our schools.”

To make change for young people, email info@evscfoundation.org or call 812-435-0913.