Evansville Regional Airport Receives Prestigous “Commercial Airport Project of the Year” Award

The Great Lakes Chapter of the American Association of Airport Executives (GLCAAAE) awarded Evansville Regional Airport (EVV) their annual Commercial Airport Architectural Project of the Year during the organization’s Annual Conference held in Lincoln, Nebraska this past weekend. This is EVV’s first time winning the award.

The industry organization receives nominations from airports across the Great Lakes Region, encompassing twelve states and three Canadian provinces. The award criteria encompasses projects that are unique, pioneer the use of materials, equipment and methods and are environmentally sound.

EVV received the award for the Airport’s recent Solar-Covered Parking Canopies. EVV’s solar covered airport-parking installation supplies one-half of the terminal building’s power and is currently the largest of its kind in the Midwest and second largest in the U.S., generating 1.3 megawatts of power and covering nearly 400 parking spaces. The 3,768 solar panels span across more than 62,000 sq. feet of covered parking in EVV’s close-in and rental car lots, offering weather protection for airport customer vehicles. Only 70 airports out 3,600 airports nationwide have completed solar facilities of any kind, and EVV is only the fifth airport in the country with solar canopies.

“EVV is honored to receive recognition, exemplifying our commitment to world-class passenger amenities, sustainability and to beautifying our front door to the community, all while making the airport more competitive in terms of costs and cost-savings,” said Nate Hahn, EVV Executive Director. “This award epitomizes our broader vision and the hard work of our staff and partners like Johnson-Melloh Solutions, who was integral in the success of this project, as we collectively realize the importance of continuing to make strategic investments to position the Airport for sustained growth.”

The total investment for the new solar canopy installation was approximately $6.5 million, with the airport realizing a carbon footprint reduction, energy savings and a nearly $9 million financial impact over the next 20 years, aiding in EVV’s ability to remain competitive and investing in additional sustainable passenger amenities.

To learn more about EVV’s new solar covered parking project and the airport’s other green initiatives, visit www.FlyEVV.com/EVVForward.