Evansville ranks #5 in nation as a top city for attracting jobs

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LinkedIn ranks Evansville, IN #5 out of a dozen cities that are magnets for jobs. “The Greater Evansville region is a manufacturing and health & life science powerhouse,” said Greg Wathen, President & CEO for the Economic Development Coalition of Southwest Indiana. “Our diverse culture and strong employment opportunities are a good counterpoint for those looking for a medium size market to grow a business or raise a family.”

From LinkedIn

A dozen U.S. cities are thriving thanks to concentrations of certain industries such as health care, manufacturing and aerospace. That has turned Huntsville, AL; Kalamazoo, MI; Raleigh-Durham, NC; Fayetteville, AR; Evansville, IN; Cincinnati, OH; Boston, MA; Detroit, MI; Allentown, PA; Erie, PA; Greenville, SC; and Des Moines, IA into unexpected job magnets, according to LinkedIn data.

The single-industry town is making a comeback. Instead of aspiring to be the next New York City or Chicago, a host of cities are instead trying to become the go-to place for one thing, courting industries from health care to manufacturing and building their towns into an economic force and an enduring job magnet for the area. In the right spots, this risky strategy is paying off. Fresh analysis by LinkedIn’s Economic Graph team highlights 12 cities that are thriving, even with an unusually high concentration in a single industry, such as health care, manufacturing, retail or finance. In all of them, average hiring rates have climbed by at least 6.5% from last year, well ahead of the national average of 2.7%. How did we uncover these 12 cities? We first calculated the 100 cities with the highest industry concentrations across the U.S., then ranked those cities by their year-over-year annual hiring rates. You can dig more into the data and the methodology below — and read about how No. 1 Huntsville is making this happen. https://lnkd.in/gnW-XgQ