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Our recently-launched Downtown Alliance is committed to supporting continued growth of downtown Evansville and other urban districts in Southwest Indiana. By connecting passionate downtown supporters, Downtown Alliance is building the framework for a concentrated vision and creating experiences that will shape the future of our region.


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Downtown Master Plan

Check out the transformative projects to Downtown detailed in the new Evansville Downtown Master Plan.

It’s a new era in Southwest Indiana, and the new Evansville Downtown Master Plan is full of transformative projects that will shape the future of our region.

Downtown Neighborhood Association

The Downtown Neighborhood Association meets monthly to share news, volunteer opportunities, and a few laughs as we all do our part in downtown becoming a unique place to live, work, dine, invest and play. The meetings take place at Innovation Pointe, 318 Main Street, in the board room on the first floor. These meetings usually take about an hour. Downtown businesses attend as well, and our restaurants often bring a snack to enjoy. Officer Nick runs through any crimes, and usually has some crime prevention tips. The Association is presently surveying our pedestrian and vehicular alleys for lighting enhancements, and everyone’s help is needed on this important initiative. Dues are $5 annually for a residence and $20 annually for a business. For more information, email Downtown Neighborhood Association President Alissa Fricke.