Diversified Instrument Services – A 15-Year E-REP Member

June 1 marked a 15-year anniversary for active Evansville Regional Economic Partnership member, Diversified Instrument Services. We would like to thank Diversified Instrument Services for their valuable membership, participation and service to the Evansville region. Diversified Instrument Services is located at 5901 Oak Grove Rd. in Evansville and can be reached by calling (812) 401-7767.

From https://www.centrifugeshop.com/:

CentrifugeShop.com is the online service of Diversified Instrument Services, a respected company with a 20-year history in the bio-medical service business.

Our degreed service technicians put their 45 years of combined experience to work for customers like you, offering complete biomedical service packages and depot repair.

We offer an extensive inventory, enhanced by our purchase of Midwest Science and Biocenter.

We’re ready to serve you.

CentrifugeShop.com understands you’re looking for value and quality, and we deliver.

Our reconditioned motors and other parts mean significant savings—you’ll often pay less than half the price of new parts.

Fully reconditioned centrifuges from CentrifugeShop.com also provide substantial cost savings, compared to the cost of new equipment.

Our experts take every step to ensure the trouble-free performance of your reconditioned parts or centrifuges, including bench testing reconditioned motors to ensure they meet or exceed manufacturer’s specifications, and fully testing reconditioned centrifuges for one week before we offer them for sale.