Custom Resins – a 10-year Southwest Indiana Chamber member

May 7, 2019 marked a 10 year anniversary for Custom Resins as a member of the Southwest Indiana Chamber. Thank you for your valuable membership and service to the region! Custom Resins has 50 full time employees and is located at 1421 State Road 136 West in Henderson, KY. Contact them at (270) 631-6410.

Custom Resins celebrated an expansion projected to add 40 new jobs and over $8 million in investment with a ground breaking in November of 2018.
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Located in Henderson, Kentucky, this facility makes a wide range of molecular weights and additive packages for nylon homopolymers and copolymers.

This facility has been producing Nylon since 1957. Since then, this site has developed a solid reputation for quality and specialty products and gained more capabilities for higher molecular weights, in addition to polymerization and compounding capbabilites.

This site continues to provide an extensive selection of polyamides for molding and extrusion and is well positioned to meet the specific requirements of customers of all sizes.  The nylon production processes at this site incorporate “closed loop” advantages that allow by-products to be re-introduced and re-used.