COVID-19 Daily Update Gov. Eric J. Holcomb

During today’s daily update, Governor Holcomb reported that they don’t anticipate doing briefings or making significant announcements over the weekend, but recognize there are changes daily and it could become necessary. Beginning Monday, these daily 2:30 p.m. Eastern briefings will be done virtually (instead of in-person in the Statehouse), which will allow the statewide press corps to participate via Q&A. Watch the Governor’s social media or local media outlets to watch at that time.

Gov. Holcomb Gives Updates on #COVID19.

Posted by Governor Eric Holcomb on Friday, March 27, 2020

Throughout the briefing, Governor Holcomb made several remarks trying to impress upon Hoosiers the importance of staying strong and maintaining social distance. These comments included: “If you don’t think it’s coming, we need to talk”… “you can’t spell virus without I and U – we need U to be part of the many helping get through this” … “The behavioral changes we’re asking Hoosiers to make, are ones we wish we didn’t have to, but they are needed.”  Finally, when asked about the peak, it was noted that the peak will not likely hit Indiana until “mid to late April.”  

If you are encouraging others to make changes and #StayHome on social media, you might consider using #HunkerDownHoosiers or #HoosiersHelpingHoosiers if you are taking action to do good things or recognizing others taking positive steps to contribute to the social good.

Employer Updates

  • No significant news today from the state about any new policies or practices for Indiana businesses
  • It is important that we all begin to understand the impacts of the CARES 3 act and the requirements and opportunities it creates for businesses and employees.
  • As the State learns more about those changes, remember you have a lot of places to get those resources. In particular:
    • Questions from businesses or individuals about unemployment: including a regularly updated FAQ. If you still have questions, call, but expect delays due to high call volume. The normal processing time for a claim is 21 days, so once a person submits a claim, the first payment will arrive about 21 days later.
    • The SW IN Chamber has put many resources on their website at:
    • Pay attention to webinars that government agencies, Chambers, and your Associations to help you understand the new regulatory environment. For instance, the IN Dept. of Workforce Development is offering a series of webinars about Unemployment – you can register here.
    • If an employer has a question about whether they are essential, they can call the hotline at 877-820-0890 between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Eastern time each day. Good answers also available at:

Economic/Business Update

  • INDOT Commissioner Joe McGinnis spoke today to report that construction is still happening on schedule. He reminded those that do have to get out, to watch for construction zones. Yesterday, 3 INDOT employees were struck on I-70 in a construction zone. They are recovering.
  • McGinnis also noted that traffic counts do show that people are staying home. Traffic volume on Thursday 3/26 was 41% lower than the same day/time during the week of March 8th (that is the week they will be comparing to)
  • Dept. of Commerce Commissioner also spoke to share the work being done at state prisons to manufacture face masks, face shields, and gowns. They anticipate being at full production for each of these items early next week.
  • Governor Holcomb acknowledged the work of individuals and groups doing good things. One thing that he pointed out as particularly helpful is for any Hoosier who is able to #TipGenerously  

General Covid-19 Response Update

  • Dr. Box does not plan to verbally report new cases each day any longer as they are updated daily on the state’s website at:
  • The website has been updated to include age and gender demographic information about those who have tested positive. Dr. Box confirmed that they anticipate adding more data to the dashboard as it is available.