COVID-19 Daily Update from Gov. Eric J. Holcomb

There are no new Executive Orders today, though we should all likely expect some in the next few days as some of the current “stay-at-home” order ends at 11:59 p.m. Monday night. As Governor Holcomb continued his efforts to encourage people to hunker down, he announced a new social media campaign supported by Lilly and others around the #INThisTogether theme. The campaign includes a website to “help Hoosiers understand the importance of social distancing, provide access to helpful tips and information, and galvanize communitywide commitment to #FlattenTheCurve.” The website is:

He made another direct appeal to “anyone who feels they are immortal or view this as inevitable and nothing they can do about it.” He encourages everyone to deal with this together by using the good guidance we have and the ability to help one another by social distancing to keep from overburdening healthcare systems.

Employee Information & Reminders:

  • The high volume of inquiries is causing longer wait times and some phone issues for Unemployment Insurance. The website has a log of great information including a regularly updated FAQ. To address the call volume, the IN Department of Workforce Development has asked individuals to try to call on certain days based on the first letter of the last name:
  • Monday: A-E
  • Tuesday: F-I
  • Wednesday: J-M
  • Thursday: N-T
  • Friday: U-Z OR if you missed your day
  • Contact them at: AskUIContactCenter@DWD.IN.Gov or 800-891-6499
  • Along with that goes a reminder that furloughed workers can apply in addition to any that are terminated. An employee who quits their job is not eligible for unemployment.
  • They do not currently have a process for non-traditional workers (Self-employed, contractors, etc.) to apply and receive benefits yet, but are working with other departments to confirm the salaries these individuals were earning (through 1099’s, etc.) and hope to have a process in place within “a couple of weeks.”
  • If your business can make or donate PPE, contact: Or if your business can offer a service  or other product (housing for national guard, cooking facilities for mass production of food, etc.), you can also contact:
  • The SWIN Chamber has put many resources on their website at:
  • If an employer has a question about whether they are essential, they can call the hotline at 877-820-0890 between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Eastern time each day. Good answers also available at:

General Covid-19 Response Update

  • 2565 confirmed cases and 65 deaths with 14,375 tests reported as of this morning at Again it was noted that the 16 new deaths reported didn’t necessarily all happen in the last 24 hours; there is a delay in some testing.
  • They continue to work to bring more labs on board and seek out new testing materials to increase the number tested and reduce the lag in getting results.

Neither Holcomb of ISDH Director, Dr. Box, are content with the amount of PPE we have and are working daily with all resources to get more.