Celebrate Manufacturing! RB’s acquisition of Mead Johnson Nutrition is a significant step forward

The acquisition of Mead Johnson Nutrition is a significant step forward in consumer health for RB in a structurally attractive category. It aligns with RB’s well established strategic focus on growing in consumer health and on investing in well-established brands with attractive growth prospects. RB already reaches millions of mothers through its hygiene education programs and, through trusted brands such as Lysol, Delsym and Mucinex, provides parents with relief and reassurance when their children are unwell. This will be enhanced by Mead Johnson’s deep understanding of infant nutrition and a new mother’s journey.

Mead Johnson Nutrition is a leading manufacturer of infant formula and children’s nutrition globally and is best known for its Enfamil (Enfa) brand. Mead Johnson Nutrition was founded in Jersey City, New Jersey, in 1905 by Edward Mead Johnson.

During the early 1900’s, there was a potato starch shortage which was a staple ingredient used in one of Mead Johnson’s first products, Dextri-Maltose. In order to substitute the carbohydrate source, E. Mead Johnson needed to find an alternative and in 1915, he moved the company to Evansville, IN, where corn was abundant and could be used as a viable option.

Over 100 years later, Mead Johnson Nutrition continues to produce science-based nutritional products for infants and children, and recently, Mead Johnson was purchased by RB (formerly known as Reckitt Benckiser).  Now, Mead Johnson Nutrition and new parent company RB are continuing to grow and expand capabilities in Evansville.

The Evansville site (which produces both powder and liquid Infant Formulas) has long been Mead Johnson’s primary manufacturing site for all liquid Infant Formulas under the “Enfa” brand.  Until recently, all liquid formulas went through a retort process that terminally sterilized the product to ensure product safety.  New technologies have been invested to now give the Evansville site the ability to produce liquid formulas aseptically.  The aseptic capability provides Mead Johnson new opportunities to use novel ingredients.

RB looks to continue to utilize Mead Johnson’s Evansville site and are hopeful to continue the rich tradition of producing quality products that give infants and children the “best start in life.”