Celebrate Manufacturing! Midwest Motion, Inc. Leading the Way in Industrial Automation

Midwest Motion Inc is an industrial automation company specializing in robot programming and machine vision systems for almost any industrial application. They are often called to provide software development for complex uses where the customer needs the robot to perform difficult tasks for a particular process. Midwest Motion provides services for any size job – large or small.


Midwest Motion is an authorized integrator and provides support for all model robots. Specifically supporting Fanuc robots, they are one of the few consulting firms in the United States that have significant expertise in supporting the older RG through RJ2 Fanuc model robots.

Midwest Motion Inc currently refurbishes and re-sells older robots at a considerably lower price to provide customers with an economical solution to automation. This is key for staying relevant in a very fast growing industry. They have the capability of integrating with older robots including serial communication for large amounts of data.

Midwest Motion Inc is one of the few firms experienced in Karel programming for involved Fanuc applications as well as TPE for simpler pick and place applications. Their customers range from OEM producers to other integrators needing expertise in getting a robot application to market in time.


Midwest Motion is an automation company that specializes in machine vision systems for character verification, print quality, component presence, part gauging, robot guidance, product counting, handling, reconciliation, and conveyance.

They provide PLC support for Allen Bradly and Modicon, and numerous HMI systems and are fully capable of designing a complete robotic or automation cell with tooling, conveyors, and safety fencing as part of a turn-key package. They have their own machine shop and do most fabrication in-house.

In today’s manufacturing environment competition is aggressively on the rise with new technologies and ideas. It’s equally important for manufacturers to minimize maintenance and upkeep costs associated with a production line so Midwest Motion educates their customers on ways to minimize maintenance issues along with putting in place safeguards to help mitigate operator errors.

Machine Vision

Machine Vision is central to Midwest Motions process development. They have been installing machine vision systems since 1990, before there was geometric location algorithms and quality structured lighting.

They  have developed vision systems for all sort of robotic and inspection purposes. Here are a few of their projects:

  • Extremely high resolution total glass inspection system.
  • Extremely high resolution user friendly line scanning inspection of clear glass for defects and chips using a low quality conveyor system.
  • High resolution glass trademark inspection system capable of finding missing portions of a letter.
  • High resolution and extremely accurate glass location system for robotic squaring using just one edge of the glass.
  • Low resolution low cost target location for furnace loading.
  • Drill hole inspection for chips in glass.
  • Bar Code reading at 200 parts/min.
  • Bottle label inspection at 200 parts/min.
  • Vision guided glass grinding system, to reduce training time from 60 minutes to 5.
  • Location and inspection of brake components.
  • Glass edge chip inspection using line scanning and servo motors to inspect edge quality all away around the glass surface.
  • Vision location of plastic pin holders for robotic loading.

Industrial Technical Support

Midwest Motion provides several industries with industrial technical support. Their engineers help customers solve complex issues regarding hardware, software, and power related problems with new or existing systems. They assist manufacturers with documentation and training for many of the popular and/or off-brand systems that exist in the market. Midwest Motion is one of only a handful of companies who utilize online support technicians to resolve troubleshooting issues. This is key in efficiency and reducing manufacturing down time.

To learn more about Midwest Motion, Inc. go to: mwmotion.com