AT&T Invests Nearly $90 Million Over Three-Year Period to Keep Evansville Connected

AT&T* is proud to have the nation’s best and also fastest wireless network,1 as well as the largest network in North America.2  From 2017-2019, we invested nearly $90 million in our wireless and wireline networks in Evansville to expand coverage and improve connectivity in more communities.

That investment has increased reliability, coverage and overall performance for residents and businesses, which is essential for connecting our customers with family, friends and colleagues – no matter the distance. It’s also improved critical communications services for Evansville’s first responders using the FirstNet network.

Today, our 4G LTE network covers more than 330 million people.3 That’s more than 2.61 million square miles and over 99% of all Americans.4  “Connectivity has never been more crucial, as we’ve all experienced over the last several months,” said Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke. “The fact that we’ve been able to continue to work and learn at home, and serve our constituents, is due in no small part to ongoing investments in our community by companies like AT&T.”

We also expanded access to high-speed internet in Evansville by building more than 40,000 additional fiber connections. “AT&T’s investment highlights our commitment to establishing connectivity throughout Evansville,” said Bill Soards, President, AT&T Indiana. “By expanding our coverage and boosting performance, we’re working to grow the local economy and enhance the lives of the city’s residents.”

More details about our wireless coverage in Evansville, and anywhere in the U.S., can be found on the AT&T Coverage Viewer. For updates on the AT&T wireless network, please visit the AT&T network news page.

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