Alcoa Best Practices – Honoring Veteran Employees

As a best practice, Alcoa Warrick Operations appreciates those that have given their time to serve our country. Alcoa has approximately 100 active veteran employees at their facility located in Newburgh, IN. Celebrating veterans and their sacrifice to our country is a core value of the company. This year, during the week celebrating Veterans Day, local food trucks were brought on site to celebrate the unveiling of a new display featuring the flags of all military branches. These flags are located just outside the plant administrative building for all visitors and employees to view each day as they come and go from our facility. 

Another “best practice” the Alcoa plant is very proud of is our departmental plaque displays honoring those that served in a branch of the military. These are located throughout the plant and placed along the walkways that are most heavily traveled by both employees and visitors. Each plaque contains the name of the employee, the insignia of the branch in which they served and the dates of service. These plaques remain in this display until an employee moves to another department or leaves the company.  When transferring to another department, the employee takes their plaque with them to proudly display in the new department. Upon leaving the company, the employee takes their plaque with them. This program has been a huge success and one that has been duplicated at many other Alcoa facilities around the world.