Focus Areas

Environment & Energy

The Southwest Indiana Chamber promotes a responsible approach to addressing greenhouse gas emissions while emphasizing balanced energy conservation and generation technologies.

  • Promote energy efficiency and conservation as the most cost efficient and logical way to reduce greenhouse gasses.
  • Implement appropriate steps to address the international nature of greenhouse gas emissions without negative economic impact.
  • Support a plan which strives to grow Indiana jobs and incomes by producing more of the energy we need from our own natural resources, while encouraging conservation and energy efficiency.
  • Support development of new energy sources, but oppose legislation mandating certain thresholds for renewable energy without recognizing conservation, energy efficiency, and including cost recovery.

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Transportation & Infrastructure

Southwest Indiana is fortunate to have access to various modes of available transportation. From air and rail to river and roads, maintaining and improving our infrastructure is vital to attract and retain quality businesses.

Supporting policies that streamline permitting processes, reducing onerous regulations, encouraging the thoughtful planning of zoning rules, and actively promoting intermodal transportation system improvements are critical for growing current businesses and making Southwest Indiana enticing for businesses looking to locate in the region.

We work with local governments, the Indiana Department of Transportation, Evansville Regional Airport, and Ports of Indiana to maintain and grow our network of available transportation systems.  We’re involved with a number of projects, including the SR-69 “Western Bypass” in Mt. Vernon, the expansion of University Parkway, and the upgraded interchange at US 41 and the Lloyd Expressway.

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Local & Regional Government Affairs

To foster more cooperation regionally, we’re an advocate for consolidating economic development and governmental resources for the advancement of Southwest Indiana. With the development of the I-69 corridor, Southwest Indiana is primed for tremendous economic growth.

We work with local elected leaders to remove regulations and advocate for common sense measures that promote new business development. Our advocacy efforts promote the community and our region, supporting projects, like the new convention hotel in Downtown Evansville and the new Indiana University School of Medicine campus. These, and other, projects lead to additional economic development opportunities in Southwest Indiana and contribute to a greater quality of life for our region.

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State & Federal Goverment Affairs

We’re focused on ensuring our region is globally competitive in attracting, retaining, and growing businesses.

We support local and state efforts to provide the necessary tools to foster development and creation of pro-business climate. As a part of that effort, we work to ensure our tax code is simple and friendly to business.

Also, creating a career-ready workforce is paramount to our region. We support the funding of a pre-kindergarten program and finding additional opportunities for students with an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs to help bridge the gap between schools and science and mathematics needs in the business community.

The Southwest Indiana Chamber advocates for an increased focus on vocational training to help incentivize school districts to put a focus on programming needed to meet the demand our manufacturing base requires. We advocate for continued support for our higher education and the valuable work they do in helping to address our labor shortages.

Nationally, the Chamber advocates for revisions to the Affordable Care Act that will lower the cost of health care, continue to improve upon the current market-based system and eliminate the $500 billion in new taxes on small businesses, medical industry, and other sectors of the economy. Also critical is reigning-in runaway federal spending and advocating for comprehensive tax reform.

Interested in taking a more active role in our efforts? Join our State & Federal Government Affairs Committee.