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With more than a century of history, we’ve guided members through periods of every economic climate, always adapting our focus to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities. Our modern mission, vision, and values—adopted in 2013—guide efforts today.


Serving our region by promoting and protecting business


To make our region a globally competitive place to work, live, and grow a business


Leadership, diversity, sustainability, and community engagement

We Stand for Equitable Justice

June 18, 2020

Our staff and board have taken time to reflect on an actionable response to the legitimate protests demanding racial equality that have hit an apex over the last several weeks. The Southwest Indiana Chamber of Commerce is an association of employers who recognize that our employees’ differences and unique perspectives provide significant value to our organizations and our region. We also recognize that the inequity and injustice that limits many Black American’s prosperity limits our region’s future as well.  Therefore, we stand together against injustice, and we reject acts of hate, discrimination and racism in our community. We can do better; we must acknowledge that unconscious bias and prejudice have created structural impediments to systemic change both locally and nationally.

As an organization committed to a thriving business community and a prosperous region, the Chamber recognizes that the vision of an inclusive and welcoming region means that every citizen is included in our shared prosperity. We will use our expertise and our influence to serve our community as we address long-overdue reform.

We will LISTEN and engage in civic dialogue to learn, understand, and then act intentionally to enable systemic change in our workplaces and our community.

We will COMMIT to building ladders to prosperity for people of color and all who are disadvantaged by institutionalized inequity by leading efforts to start, protect, and grow small business, many of which are minority-owned.

We will STRENGTHEN our alliances with organizations supporting the interests of Black Americans and all people of color. We will stand beside and support this work and we will walk this path with our fellow community members until we have meaningful racial and economic equity for all.

We will CHALLENGE business, community leaders, ourselves, and each person in the region to actively work to better understand one another and to take action to produce a more inclusive community and economy.

To the peaceful protestors, community leaders, police officers and public officials who continue to demonstrate their commitment to creating a better normal—thank you. The future of our region grows stronger as we walk and work alongside one another. We ask that you be vigilant in the cause, generous to our region and active in the challenging and needed dialogue. We need involvement from every corner of our region to make these changes in our community. We are humble in our pledge to be part of the solution; to listen, learn and act to build opportunity and prosperity for all. 

We invite all in the Greater Evansville Region to join us.