Chamber Foundation

We launched our Southwest Indiana Chamber Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, in early 2014 with the purpose of supporting community development initiatives in counties within the Chamber’s region.

The Chamber Foundation is another mechanism to drive positive change in our region by aligning our work in quality of place and talent development among other areas of focus. By differentiating our charitable community development work from the business of the Chamber, we can provide another avenue for our board, our members, and partnering foundations to invest in our work.

Qualified charitable contributions to the foundation will be used for the advancement of:

— Workforce Development

— Talent Attraction

— Diversity & Inclusion

— Early Childhood Education

— Career & Technical Education

— Quality of Life Assets

Your contribution is 100% deductible for tax purposes.

For more information on the Southwest Indiana Chamber Foundation, email Ellen Knapp, vice president & CFO, or call 812-425-8147.

To download the current Chamber Foundation bylaws, click here.