A message from President & CEO, Tara Barney

Ensuring a bright future

The Southwest Indiana-Evansville region is on a roll.  When you read the 2018 Keep It Local Member Business Directory, I bet that one article or another was a pleasant surprise. The plans for the new YMCA, the beautiful and useful renovations at our airport, the details on the opening of our new medical school, the Stone Family Center for Health Sciences, and the many other Regional Cities projects that are transforming our region can’t help but excite.  These great additions to our community and the opportunities they present don’t just happen; they are the result of committed people and organizations working together.   

As important as opening these great projects is making sure our community has a plan to operate and sustain these great assets. The Southwest Indiana Chamber has had a hand in launching each of these initiatives, and as your business partner we are committed to ensuring their part in a bright future for all. Here’s an example:

The SWIN Chamber Downtown Alliance worked for years to build enthusiasm around revitalizing downtown Evansville. As important as generating the many new amenities in downtown Evansville is having an entity responsible for marketing, programming and advancing the downtown neighborhood so these new amenities and the long-standing anchors of downtown Evansville can deliver on their potential. This past year the work of the alliance and many partners resulted in the creation of the Downtown Evansville EID, which exists specifically to advance the downtown Evansville district it serves.  The EID, now named “DOWNTOWN EVANSVILLE – the Economic Improvement District” is off to a great start, and the organization is well-resourced and staffed. If you haven’t enjoyed one of the many downtown Evansville events recently, look at the lineup for the next two months. The holiday season in downtown E’ville will be a great one.

And what’s next for the SWIN Chamber? Certainly we will continue our support of downtown Evansville. We also just opened an office on the main square of downtown Mt. Vernon where we plan to support their development plans in the same manner. Stay tuned, I predict that the downtown Mt. Vernon riverfront and the beautiful commercial center that surrounds the Posey County Courthouse has a very bright future.

The Board of the SWIN Chamber is committed to a thriving regional business and civic climate. We recently unveiled a new alliance focused on our Quality of Place.  Why? Because we must leverage our region’s low cost of living and the great progress we have made in downtown Evansville and in the cities and towns that make up our great region, to ensure a bright future for our businesses and citizens. We need to grow our population, so we will have the pipeline of talent that secures the future of our businesses and the citizens they employ. This new alliance will convene to consider how we best leverage our special assets to create the “Quality of Place” that we all aspire to.

“When a region plots their course together, more opportunities come about for catalytic and transformative change.” Join us in plotting our future — together we thrive.