A message from President & CEO, Tara Barney

Southwest Indiana is a great landscape for businesses to grow. From Toyota rolling out its 5 millionth vehicle, to Berry Global, an $8 billion Fortune 500 company, celebrating 51 years in business. Businesses start here and thrive here. Your Southwest Indiana Chamber is committed to leading and supporting this business environment by representing your interests with our local, state and national elected officials. Every year we survey you, our members.  Your advice informs our Public Policy Agenda. Then, with the leadership of our Board of Directors and your voice, we work closely with our elected partners to continue building the business climate that is key for our region’s prosperity.

Your feedback is loud and clear:

• Complete I-69 by building the bridge that will both connect our region and make the corridor a vital addition to our logistics grid

• Invest in our infrastructure including broadband, water and sewer, bridges and our waterways

• Focus on the health of our population

• Address our critical need for the talent business demands to thrive

• Make Quality of Place a priority

Some have asked me to define this last priority, Quality of Place. For me, it is the collection of experiences, marketplaces, neighborhoods, arts and cultural offerings, housing and institutions that make a community “sticky,” welcoming to all and “cool.” Our investments and focus on building “quality” is key to retaining and attracting the young talents our businesses need. We’re starting to see a glimpse of how quality of place projects are making Southwest Indiana a location for talent through the Regional Cities Initiative. Our plan covers 18 projects that include building the region’s core, Evansville, through projects like The Post House, a living laboratory where residents are part of the experiment; to the new downtown Evansville YMCA; and, the renovation of Evansville’s Regional Airport creating welcoming environments for the 21st century traveler.

Equally critical for our region, projects throughout our Gateway Communities including Oakland City University’s Boulevard Commons student housing, Newburgh’s Warrick Trail Network, the Warrick Wellness Trail’s expanding medical footprint, and New Harmony’s historic bridge, are forging our unified future as never before.   

Investments are being generated throughout the region for quality of place projects.  Already $926 million in public/private dollars has been committed, spurring additional related investments bringing the total over a billion dollars within our first three years.

Collaboration has been a driver of Southwest Indiana’s success for Regional Cities. So, I am asking you to help spread the message that working together we can build on this momentum. Let’s bring additional “Quality” initiatives for the attraction of people to the state and specifically to Southwest Indiana.

Here’s how you can help:

• Share this video with other business and civic leaders: http://bit.ly/IndGreatSW

• Continue the Regional Cities conversation with elected officials about the priority of cultivating high-quality communities

• Celebrate our progress: Our region is starting to see and realize how vital quality of place is….not just to current residents, but to attract a sustainable workforce today.

Join with us.