A message from President and CEO Tara Barney

Summer offers many workforce opportunities

It’s summer! Time for festivals, vacations, baseball and lazy days on the river. And for our youth, that time-honored tradition of a summer job. Always a right-of-passage, but today’s summer work experiences are more than a source of spending money, they are an essential part of our region’s talent pipeline.

Internships, co-op experiences, job shadowing days…all are key to introducing our next generation to the jobs and careers of tomorrow. They are equally important for our member businesses and regional employers. These early opportunities for a constructive relationship between future employers and employees certainly provide great work opportunities, but for our employers they are a critical strategy to recruiting a future workforce. Our businesses get to know their potential future employees and the students get to know and evaluate the business and our community.

And they do evaluate—much like those old lazy days on the river, the era of young talent saying yes to the first job offer to come along is nostalgia. A meaningful work opportunity is a winner if these NextGens can see them-selves living here.

What’s our play this summer? Hundreds of our businesses are hosting and employing students as summer interns. Many of these students live and attend school elsewhere. We can increase the odds of fueling our talent pipeline by being great hosts. We all win if we partner with business to share the best of our vibrant and cool region, its special places and the fantastic array of music, art, sports and festivals. Join us, as together we can help close the hiring deal by seeking out these talented summer guests and making them welcome.

The Chamber, the Indiana Small Business Development Center, the state of Indiana, and many aligned partners are here to support businesses contributing to our region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. We provide innovators with the resources, technical assistance and expert counseling needed to grow business in Southwest Indiana. We support the work of our elected officials to enable a forward-looking business climate and the infrastructure essential to robust business growth. The Chamber has its pulse on the priorities of business, small and large: a welcoming and high-quality, business-friendly location; access to capital and customers; and a pipeline to the well-prepared talent we will need to continue to thrive.

If your business offers summer work experiences, thank you! Please tell us the details and we’ll get it posted under ‘Member News’ on our website to help get the word out. Just email the information to news@swinchamber.com. At the Chamber, we value young talent and we are supporting initiatives to help your business recruit and grow the thriving talent pool we need for future success. Together we thrive!