A message from President and CEO, Tara Barney

Thankful for our region

Tara Barney

As we close in on the Thanksgiving holiday, I take this opportunity to reflect on the many reasons I’m grateful to be of this region. Greater Evansville is a very special place to build a career, enjoy a rich family and to truly “Live, Work and Play.” Your Southwest Indiana Chamber appreciates the opportunity to advance the region by representing your interests through our public policy efforts, business growth services, talent and inclusion initiatives, and regional leadership.
The Chamber works in alignment with others in the business and public sectors to keep our region moving forward. Our most pressing “opportunity” is filling our talent pipeline. If we are to grow as a region, the availability of talent is essential. How we position our region as a welcoming and inclusive community, one that offers opportunity for all, and one where people choose to start careers, can stand out, and will choose to stay, is our greatest opportunity. Community leaders throughout the region are aligned around this priority.
Research shows that millennials and Gen Z are a key population demographic. In fact, they are already the largest part of our workforce today and in the coming years. They choose to work in places that are welcoming, rich in culture and diverse; not just in terms of ethnicity but also in entertainment and educational opportunities, places of faith and worship, and easy access to trails and parks, walkable downtowns and other “quality of place” assets.
The E is for Everyone initiative is an important part of how we tell our “story,” that of our people, our unique assets, our neighborhoods and our top employers. If you have not been to the website recently, look. I’m impressed by the many recent additions. This site is yours to use, to contribute to and to inform. It is intended to be a resource for citizens, for future citizens and for our employers. It is becoming a high impact tool for recruiting future residents of our region and equally important, the talent that our employers are seeking.
You too can help us tell your story. Visit www.eisforeveryone.com today and find your place in the work of connecting, contributing and celebrating our region! Follow us on social media and send us your feedback. Ask your company to link to the E is for Everyone website to ensure that visitors, employees and prospective employees can learn about us. We’ve got a lot to be thankful for this season. I’m especially grateful that I get to call our region “home.” Together we thrive!