A message from President and CEO, Tara Barney

Manufacturing: Much to Celebrate…Much to Do

Don’t miss the 23-day series on “All Things Manufacturing” that will be posted on the Southwest Indiana Chamber website during the month of October at swinchamber.com.

October is Manufacturing Month so the Chamber’s website and social media will feature stories of our manufacturers, vendors, logistics partners and all the complex intertwined facets of our region’s economy that make us a center of gravity in “making things.” Indiana is the most manufacturing dependent state in the nation, while Kentucky and Illinois are close behind. While 30 percent of Indiana’s workforce is making something, another 20 percent of Hoosiers are supporting manufacturing through suppliers, IT, catering, industrial supplies and the infrastructure and logistics that connect our manufactured products to OEM and the world.

It’s big stuff! So the Southwest Indiana Chamber will highlight our manufacturers; some you know well, others are well-kept secrets. They do business here for good reason: our favorable business climate. By that I mean low taxes and operating costs; nimble regulations; great logistics and connectivity; and a productive workforce. Some are here because they always have been, others have chosen our region for huge capital investments.  However, all count on the region to continue to offer a great business climate in which to do business, and they count on us to appreciate their investment in Southwest Indiana.

Our manufacturers have challenges – we share them. We need world-class infrastructure to move goods. That’s why the I-69 bridge is our top priority.  With it, we gain easy interstate movement and become the crossroads of North America. We have to get the opioid epidemic under control: 1 in 4 are failing drug tests, costing our manufacturers millions in productivity and depriving Hoosiers of great careers. And above all, we face constant competition for readily available talent as workforce shortages continue.

We are a special region. The members of the Southwest Indiana Chamber are committed to our manufacturing economy and our organization’s priorities line up:  growing and attracting talent, investing in key infrastructure projects and joining our partners to put opioid misuse in the past. Join me in supporting our manufacturers, our “makers,” and all of our businesses that contribute and make this amazing region prosper. Together we thrive.