4C of Southern Indiana offers childcare referral service and action guide for employers

4C of Southern Indiana is the local Child Care Resource and Referral agency in 28 counties in Southern Indiana. We realize this has been an interesting and challenging time for everyone. One area that I wanted to make you aware of is our childcare referral service.

As we approach a time of returning to normalcy, our agency is available to assist your staff and the community in finding quality, licensed childcare. Please feel free to refer your employees or community members to us via phone at 812.423.4008 OR by email to: info@child-care.org. Early childhood education and care has an impact on all of us and for your businesses. If staff do not have quality, consistent care lined up for their children, this can lead to increased absenteeism, lack of productivity while at work, and ultimately has an effect on the business’s bottom line.

Your area child care providers are also small business owners who have taken a loss during this time as well. If you have any area resources that can assist their sustainability, please let us know so we can pass the information along.