4C of Southern Indiana, Inc Presents ‘The Impact of Our Future Workforce’ with Dr. James Heckman

Join 4C of Southern Indiana for a very special business speaking event! “The Impact of Our Future Workforce” Dr. James Heckman, Nobel Memorial Prize Winner, Nationally Recognized & Distinguished Guest Speaker

Dr. Heckman’s Presentation Topics include:

➢ Intelligence and social skills are set at an early age—and both are essential for success.
➢ Early investment produces the greatest returns in human capital.
➢ America’s advantage will come from helping the disadvantaged.
➢ Quality economic returns come from quality investments in early childhood development.
➢ We already have successful programs that can and should be implemented in local communities across America.

SNEAK PEEK (2 min video):


Who:            Dr. James Heckman, Nobel Laureate in Economy

What:           Presentation on the Return on Investment in Early Childhood

When:          August 1st , 1pm CST

Where:         Victory Theatre, Evansville, IN



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