4C of Southern Indiana, Inc. CEO Awarded High Academic Honors

The Center for the Economics of Human Development (CEHD) from The University of Chicago recently awarded high academic honors for Aleisha Sheridan to join the body of scholars as an inaugural Associate Member. Ms. Sheridan is the President and CEO of 4C of Southern Indiana, Inc., a local nonprofit organization headquartered in Evansville, Indiana.

The CEHD carries out a mission to bring together researchers throughout the social and natural sciences to conduct and disseminate rigorous research that identifies and explores the conditions under which people develop the skills that shape early childhood lives for them to achieve their fullest potential. The goal of the CEHD is to collaborate with partners across multiple fields with an academic research background to exchange intellectual assets, data, skills, and expertise.

Within this high academic role for the CEHD, Ms. Sheridan will be bringing great contributions to CEHD research and development. The CEHD and Ms. Sheridan will be involved in pioneering innovative, comprehensive-based research that will produce foundational work to provide practitioners,  academia, and policymakers with extensive knowledge to promote equality of opportunity for even the most disadvantaged families.

Upon receiving this decorated honor, Ms. Sheridan stated, “I am very grateful and honored to be accepting this prestigious award from the Center for the Economics of Human Development. Ms. Sheridan also added, “With this partnership with the CEHD, this will allow me to contribute to a great cause in early childhood educational development on a national basis.”

4C of Southern Indiana provides positive, life-changing services in 14 counties throughout southwestern Indiana that reaches thousands of families, so they have access to higher quality, early childhood educational programs.