2018 Indiana General Assembly Legislative Report

This short session has wrapped up with a flurry of late activity and some general chaos. After some clock mismanagement, there will be a special session called by Governor Holcomb in May to address the tax bill and school safety bills that remained after the clock struck midnight on March 15. The autonomous vehicles bill is among the bills that died due to lack of action before midnight. It is likely Governor Holcomb will do some things by executive order to implement parts of the bill. The House and Senate workforce bills were passed by both chambers and were sent to Governor Holcomb’s desk. The Governor’s opioid plan also passed without controversy and headed down to his desk. The Governor has signed the Sunday sales bill into law. The Chamber’s efforts on regional quality of place paid off and will be added to the roster for an interim study committee. While we were unable to completely fix a bill that reforms the Economic Improvement Districts, we were able to make the bill considerably better than originally proposed. Also, in a late deal, those with DACA status now have 17 more licenses they are eligible to attain through the state, giving them more options to find jobs in Indiana.

To follow is a breakdown of the specific legislation we are working on during this session. For further information or to answer questions, please contact Justin Groenert, Director of Government Relations & Public Policy; (812) 589-1650; jgroenert@swinchamber.com.

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